Icelandic úrvalsdeild Karla

Icelandic úrvalsdeild Karla

The Úrvalsdeild karla (Men's Select Division) is the paramount men's football league in Iceland. It has been played since 1912. Because of the harsh winters in Iceland, it is generally played in the spring and summer (May to September). It is governed by the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) and has 12 teams. By end of season 2015–2016, UEFA ranked the league No. 35 in Europe. From 27 April 2009, the league has had an active agreement on the league's name rights with Ölgerðin, the Icelandic franchisee for Pepsi. From the 2019 season onwards, the league is popularly referred to as Pepsi Max deildin (The Pepsi Max League). The league has 12 clubs that play an at home and an away match with each other. Point tallies at each season end determine promotion and relegation: the two teams with the fewest points are relegated to 1. deild karla (First Division) and the two top point teams promote to the higher tier. The winner of the Úrvalsdeild enters the international competition UEFA Champions League in the second qualifying round. The second, third and fourth placed teams qualify for the UEFA Europa League in the first qualifying round. In the 2008 season, 12 teams competed in the premier division. An effort by KSI to strengthen Icelandic football had only one team relegated in the 2007 season to the First Division and three clubs promoted to premier division. Championship title counts are: KR with 27, Valur with 22, and ÍA and Fram Reykjavík each with 18. FH has 8 and Víkingur has 5. The 2019 title holder is KR.

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